Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Sorry no updates....

Hi Everyone. I have to write something, in case someone actually looks at this.

We have no home computer right now. Our laptop has decided to die on us. So the only way we have been able to check email is if we go to the library or a friends and that doesn't give me a lot of time to update my blog. So sorry!

So just to highlight some recent events (sorry I can't add pictures right now)...

Ally and Brian had birthdays at the end of September. Ally turned 1 and Brian...well, of course he is a lot older. We had a busy birthday weekend.

Courtney and Jessica enjoy there new classes at school, lots of friends and nice teachers. They both do well at school.

Brian had a week and a half of vacation in October. We enjoyed spending time together as a family, even taking a little road trip to Pittsburgh for a couple of days last week. The older girls were both born there, and we have some friends still there, so we thought we'd show the girls around. It rained the whole time, Ally cried most of the 6 hours there and the 6 hours back, she fell out of her stroller and scraped up her face, but it actually was nice to be together and see places that we were part of our lives a few years ago. We made the most of the trip and had an otherwise pleasant time.

Julie's two sisters came to visit for over a week (they are here right now, that's how I have time to update the blog...Valerie brought her computer.) The three Shumway sisters celebrated Julie's birthday yesterday by going to Hershey, PA. It was nice. Since Brian is off, he was able to do all the kid stuff.

That's basically it. We just have busy days with kids and work and church and stuff. I hope I can add to this again soon, but don't count on it. :)

Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Last month of summer

The lazy "cat" days of summer!

We are trying to find fun things to do during the last month of summer. Here's what we've come up with.

We bought a 1/2 season membership to the pool, but turns out that Ally and Julie don't like to swim unless it's at least 90 degrees. We've been about 6 times all month. The weather in PA in August is weird...we've had rainy, cold (68 degree) temps....kind of puts the kabosh on swimming!

Ally is practicing standing all by herself, instead of playing in the pool.

Courtney and Jessica LOVE the water (and don't mind it being cold)...especially with new goggles bought after each lost 2 other pairs this summer!

Jessica always ready to strike a pose!

We are also spending lots of time playing, reading, cleaning, and shopping the sales for school supplies! School starts after Labor Day!

Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Some fun stuff

Here are some fun things about living on the East Coast. We are close enough to DC, NY, and the ocean to have some fun day trips. Our schedules don't allow for many, but we do hope to take some more before we leave.

Family trip to DC. Brian and the girls in front of the Capitol building.

This is a pumpkin patch at a place called Linvilla Orchards. They have food you can pick all year long and fun activities to do, although, so far we've only been the once to pick out a pumpkin.

Obviously one of the most recognizable symbols in Philadelphia...the Liberty Bell. We've gone every time someone has come to visit. But we love to see it and be reminded of our history! This is Julie's sister Karen, with Courtney and Ally a few days after the baby was born.

This is the Cape May lighthouse in Cape May, New Jersey. Julie likes lighthouses and hopes we can see more before we leave. There are a bunch of them.

Something the family finds somewhat bittersweet...SNOW. It is pretty and can be fun to play in...for a short time, but can also be a nuisance. Julie and Brian have both had to dig out cars (separate times) from the ice and snow.

Monday, August 13, 2007


Tiger is our cat. He thinks he's the king of the house. We love him.

He loves to curl up in baskets or small boxes.

I've never seen a cat lay on his back and sleep like Tiger does!

This is his throne. It's a huge "tree" scratching post we got from a friend.

He had to check out Ally when she arrived.

Saturday, August 11, 2007

Just some pics

Here are some fun pictures we thought we'd share! ENJOY! They are not in any chronological order, since I can't figure out how to make them go in order when I publish them. :) Sorry!

Ally when she only had one tooth! At about 8 months old

Courtney found a turtle at a church picnic. She wanted to take it home, but ended up letting it go. Thank goodness, says Mom!

Courtney and Jessica in a medical helicopter that came to a church emergency fair.

Jessica turns 6 and received this doll and the matching outfits from grandparents.

This is Ally and Grandpa Shumway on her blessing day in December 2006

Ally in her blessing dress

Grandma Shumway made the blessing dress for Jessica in 2001.

Bishop Scott Stallings, Glenn Fewkes, Dad, Ally, Grandpa Shumway, and Eric Fillmore.

These are all the Shumway grandkids at Courtney's baptism
Allyson, Courtney, Jessica, Megan, and Matthew

Pioneer celebration at Grandma's church

4 generations of women:
Great Grandma Ouida May Matheson (Allyson's middle name is May, after Grammy)
Grandma Kristen Shumway
Mom Juliet Page
Daughters Courtney Ann, Jessica, and Allyson May Page

Girls with Grandma Cherie Ann Page (for whom Courtney's middle name is taken)

Julie and sister, Karen! gorgeous, dahlings!


Allyson is our newest addition, and will turn 1 in September. She has been a joy to have around. We had almost forgotten what is was like to have a baby in the house. There is 5 1/2 years between Jessica and Ally. So it's been fun and a challenge. She keeps us busy.

We don't know if this child is more predictable than the others or we just finally know what we are doing and can read her better. We usually know what she wants from her cries and gestures. She goes to sleep when she's tired, but for a long time had problems staying asleep at night. She is usually a good-natured baby, but really does love to be entertained and held.

Ally is getting ready to walk. She is cruising around using the furniture and our hands to help her! She has about 8 teeth and knows how to use them. She has a favorite item---a soft Winnie the Pooh blanket given to us by a friend in our old ward in Phoenix. She has loved it since she was very young, maybe 4 months old. She would pull it over her head and go to sleep. She knows it as her "blankie" and cuddles with it often. We look forward to many fun adventures with her, as we have experienced with the other 2.


Jessica is 6 and will be starting 1st grade. We also can't believe how much she's grown. Her language and vocabulary always surprise us. To any outsider, Jessica is very quite and reserved, but at home, she is anything but! She can be quite feisty and stand her ground with anyone or anything. But many times she is also a peacemaker, which we also love. She loves to cuddle and be close to us.

Jessica's favorite thing to do is PLAY, PLAY, PLAY. She is so used to having someone to play with, and there tends to be some conflict if Courtney decides to read instead of play. Jessica is doing well with her reading, but she definitely does not prefer that activity. She wants to be a dancer and, if we ever get around to getting her some dancing lessons, she will probably do well. She is very graceful and seems to have some sense of rhythm.

She is also a very big help with Allyson. She adores her and will entertain her if I ask her to. She is happy to be a big sister.


Courtney is now 8 years old. She just was baptized into our church, on July 7, 2007. It was a very nice experience.

She is quite tall and we can't believe how grown up she seems! She is very helpful around the house and especially with the baby. She will be starting 3rd grade. Her favorite thing to do is READ, READ, READ! She has read ALL the Harry Potter books, finishing the first 6 in about 6 weeks! Mom doesn't read one book in that time! She also loves to swim, and play with her sisters and friends. Most of the time, she and Jessica play really well together. They can get quite imaginative!

Courtney loves animals and helps take very good care of our cat, Tiger. Courtney was so thrilled when we took a trip to AZ to see family in July, and she was able to see her favorite canine friend, Jack!

Welcome to our Blog!

Hello, friends and family. Everyone else was doing it so we thought we'd start a blog, too. Really new to this so we'll see how it goes.

Brian is halfway through an ER residency program at Albert Einstein Medical Center in Philadelphia, for those of you who we haven't seen or talked to in a while. We will be here 2 more years and then hopefully get a good job somewhere...maybe back in AZ, but we'll see. We have enjoyed being able to make some quick trips to NY and DC since we've been here, but there is a lot more we would like to see. Brian's schedule is just too crazy, (and the funds are very tight), that it's hard to do too much.

Basically Brian is busy working and learning, and Julie is busy with the kids. We try to go to playgroups with our church friends and the kids have playdates with friends from school. They start school after Labor Day, and they are anxiously awaiting news on who their teachers are going to be. Julie is interested to see what life will be like with just a baby at home most of the day...well, a toddler by then, really.

We hope to keep this updated and hope you'll come visit often!