Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Sorry no updates....

Hi Everyone. I have to write something, in case someone actually looks at this.

We have no home computer right now. Our laptop has decided to die on us. So the only way we have been able to check email is if we go to the library or a friends and that doesn't give me a lot of time to update my blog. So sorry!

So just to highlight some recent events (sorry I can't add pictures right now)...

Ally and Brian had birthdays at the end of September. Ally turned 1 and Brian...well, of course he is a lot older. We had a busy birthday weekend.

Courtney and Jessica enjoy there new classes at school, lots of friends and nice teachers. They both do well at school.

Brian had a week and a half of vacation in October. We enjoyed spending time together as a family, even taking a little road trip to Pittsburgh for a couple of days last week. The older girls were both born there, and we have some friends still there, so we thought we'd show the girls around. It rained the whole time, Ally cried most of the 6 hours there and the 6 hours back, she fell out of her stroller and scraped up her face, but it actually was nice to be together and see places that we were part of our lives a few years ago. We made the most of the trip and had an otherwise pleasant time.

Julie's two sisters came to visit for over a week (they are here right now, that's how I have time to update the blog...Valerie brought her computer.) The three Shumway sisters celebrated Julie's birthday yesterday by going to Hershey, PA. It was nice. Since Brian is off, he was able to do all the kid stuff.

That's basically it. We just have busy days with kids and work and church and stuff. I hope I can add to this again soon, but don't count on it. :)